Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Metal Gear Solid: The Best Metal Gear Game

Metal Gear Solid was released in 1998 and is notoriously known by many as the greatest Metal Gear game. Instead of playing a flat two dimension game, this game was Konami’s first foray at making a Metal Gear game that was in three dimensions. Just like the previous iterations of the series, Metal Gear Solid was a tactical espionage action game with an emphasis on stealth. The game occurs in 2005, and Foxhound is now a terrorist organization that has no affiliation with Roy Campbell and Solid Snake. Foxhound’s intentions are to launch a nuclear attack if their demands are not met. Their headquarters are in a remote island called Shadow Moses (somewhere in Alaska). Roy and Dr. Naomi Hunter (colleague of Roy Campbell) begs Snake to assist in eradicating the terrorist threat. Snakes goes to Alaska and begins his mission; his first objective is to find the DARPA chief (Donald Anderson) and Arms Tech president (Kenneth Baker). Our hero tracks down Donald, and Mr. Anderson informs Snake that another Metal Gear is under construction. Donald also tells Snake about a way to deactivate Metal Gear that entails PAL codes, and then the chief dies from a heart attack. Snake resumes his objective and come across Kenneth Baker (who is being held hostage by Revolver Ocelot).. Revolver has placed wires connected to explosives that are set to detonate. Snake manages to rescue Baker and severely injure Ocelot but no kill Ocelot due to an esoteric ninja. The ninja slices Ocelots hand, cuts the wires that are attached to the explosives, and flees. Too wounded to fight, Ocelot run offs as well. After that, Snake has a succinct conversation with Kenneth who also dies of a heart attack (eerily similar to Donald‘s death). On his way to find Otacon, Snake encounters Vulcan Raven in a tank; Snake destroys the tank and heads towards Shadow Moses nuclear disposal area. As Snake reaches Otacon, he sees the ninja again. The ninja divulges to Snake that he is Gray Fox (Snake’s former comrade from Foxhound). They have a melee, and the ninja (Gray Fox) runs away again. Snake discovers Otacon (creator of Metal Gear) and asks him to help in destroying Metal Gear. Realizing that Metal Gear will be used as a weapon that is a threat, Otacon concurs to assist Snake. Meryl (Roy Campbell’s daughter) finds Snake, and she teams up with Snake. Unfortunately, they are sniped by Sniper Wolf. Meryl gets injured, but Snake figures out how to beat Sniper Wolf at her own game and does. Snake is then captured by soldiers and Sniper Wolf (who did not die); Ocelot comes back in the picture and torments Snake by electrocution. Fortunately, Snake escapes and recovers his gear. Undesirably, Snake is attacked by the leader of Foxhound (Liquid Snake) in a helicopter. But Snake shoots the helicopter multiple times with a stinger missile launcher to annihilate it. Snakes goes on to fight Sniper Wolf and Vulcan Raven again, and Snake exterminates both of them for good. Knowing that Raven’s death was inevitable, Raven reveals to Snake that the DARPA chief was really Decoy Octopus in disguise.Afterwards, Dr. Naomi and Snake have a conversation via codec in which she tells Snake that she has injected him with a virus known as Foxdie. This revelation explains why Decoy Octopus and Kenneth Baker died when they were in contact with Snake. Naomi admits she did it because she is the step sister of Gray Fox and wants revenge for Snake’s actions. Feeling remorseful, she apologizes to Snake and acknowledges that she has no desire to kill Snake. Recognizing that he must complete his mission, Snake finally reaches the hanger where Metal Gear is being kept. He attempts to defuse Metal Gear; however, he unintentionally makes it active. Much to Snake’s chagrin, Liquid arrives yet again. Liquid notifies Snake that he was being used to trigger Metal Gear and tells Snake that they were twins who were part of the “Les Enfants Terribles” project; furthermore, Liquid says how this was a project intended to clone another Big Boss. Snake hears that he is the superior dominant twin, and Liquid is the inferior recessive twin. When their prolonged conversation comes to an end, Liquid jumps in the cockpit of Metal Gear and attempts to kill Snake. Since Snake is unsure how to put an end to Metal Gear, Otacon helps him via codec. As the long and arduous battle continues, Gray Fox appears and supports Snake in demolishing Metal Gear. Sadly, Gray Fox is killed in the process. Before dying, Gray Fox has a poignant moment with Snake and discloses to Snake that the ninja suit gave him a split personality. Liquid somehow survives the Metal Gear fiasco and challenges Snake to another fight in which Snake is triumphant. Later on, Snake sees Meryl and together escape from Liquid (yes he is still alive) in a climactic car chase action sequence. Their vehicles collide, and Liquid dies at the hand of the Foxdie virus. Knowing that he could die at any moment, Snake and Meryl get on a snowmobile to depart from Alaska. After the credits scroll across the screen, it is revealed that Revolver Ocelot is still alive and plans on giving the Metal Gear Solid data (from Kenneth Baker) to a man named Solidus.

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