Friday, August 31, 2007

Killzone 2 Preview

Killzone 2 will be the sequel to the original lackluster title Killzone on the PlayStation 2. Do not be lulled into believing that the sequel will be as abhorrent as the first iteration. Killzone 2 was another one of those video games that was missing in action until now. The first glimpse of Killzone 2 was at E3 2005, and critics said that the footage shown was not actual gameplay footage. Those critics were dead wrong when actual gameplay footage was divulged to the media at E3 2007. At a recent gaming convention at Germany, more details were revealed regarding the game. In Killzone 2, gamers will be at war against the Helghast troops (same opponents from Killzone). The game developers accentuated how easy and intuitive the controls were on the PlayStation 3. Specifically, a brand new gameplay mechanic was introduced. This was known as lean and peek. In a nutshell, this is about utilizing cover (ala Gears of War). Interestingly enough, this was the first time I have ever seen taking advantage of cover being used in a first person shooter. I have never seen using cover in order to get a tactical advantage be used in Halo, Half-life, Resistance: Fall of Man, Doom, Call of Duty, or Killzone 1. This is definitely an original feature to the first person genre. Do not fret because the lean and peek method works like a charm. The gaming company Guerilla will be making the game, and they also showed a boss battle. This is where some strategic contemplation was entailed. These bosses are called heavies, and you cannot just fire at them arbitrarily. Shooting their vulnerable areas are the only way to defeat these juggernauts. The physics in Killzone 2 seems to be much more responsive than Killzone. For instance, shooting an adversary in the legs will result in him bleeding and falling to the ground. In addition, a headshot will instantaneously eradicate a foe. A lack of a heads up display (ala Fight Night Round 3) was also publicized in Killzone 2. This is shown to have the players more immersed in the video game atmosphere. It worked well in Fight Night Round 3, so I believe it will work perfectly in Killzone 2. The visuals are stunning to say the least. The whether effects are right on par with other first person shooters like FEAR. The most intriguing aspect of the gameplay has to be its versatility. If you are a fan of duck and cover (ala Gears of War), use the lean and peak feature. If you are a fan of running and gunning, (ala Resistance: Fall of Man) feel free to spray your rivals with bullets as you run circles around them. Killzone 2 is exclusively for the PlayStation 3, and it is slated for a 2008 release date.
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